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Christian Bauer is a creative and successful problem solver for companies starting projects, promoting products or seeking for problem solutions of all kind. He is an art director and creative consultant in projects mostly connecting art and culture with technology - with 25 years of entrepreneurial experience and over 17 years of experience in elaborate cultural project management for Austrian artist André Heller. Christian Bauer was a pioneer and early entrepreneur for 3D technologies like 3D Online Communities, Virtual Reality and Web3D / VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and in the early day a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and CAD (Computer Aided Design) expert.

Christian Bauer is CEO of the creativity agency and art production company Atlans GmbH and a senior project manager of Artevent GmbH, an André Heller company, based in Vienna, Austria. Christian Bauer is consultant to the European Commission in Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) as well as in Future Internet Research (FIRE).

Current projects:

Success stories:
  • 2014: Concept, planning and preparation for the "Streetlife Festival 2014" for the City of Vienna: Advert / art work, teaser, pictures of the event and a video.
  • 2014: Second year guest lecture series at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, the Institute for Urban Renewable Energies starting 9.10.13.
  • 2014: Cyprus Mail published a shortened version of my article on the Cypriot energy situation. See here the full version.
  • 2013: Extension of capacity of the Sonnenpark powerplant group from 1,14 MWp to 1,64 MWp.
  • 2013: Finalisation of Europe's largest Cloudcomputing project supported as Reviewer and Advisor.
  • 2013: Scouting with a team of 6 person in a Streetlife project for the city of Vienna.
  • 2013: Speech at TEDx Klagenfurt "Towards a New Paradigm in Power Plant Construction". Video is here plus an Interview from the event.
  • 2013: Support to the Vienna Masters 2013 at Rathausplatz - see some photos.
  • 2013: Art direction for a Red Bull event in Salzburg.
  • 2013: Consulting for the European Commission in the domain of "Future Internet".
  • 2012: Guest lecture series at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, the Institute for Urban Renewable Energies.
  • 2012: Speech at the TEDx Salzburg on "Energy for Everyone".
  • 2012: Guest lecture series at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, the Institute for Urban Renewable Energies.
  • 2012: Art direction for the "Bertelsmann Management Meeting 2012", one of the most important events for Europe's largest media group, in Gütersloh - see some stage stills and the technical equipment necessary for doing that.
  • 2012: Participation in a very selective tendering for the "Sightseeing Levels Project", the design of the levels 118 and 119 of the Shanghai Tower, the worlds second highest building - currently in constrution.
  • 2011: Coordinator for the Emobility Forum Vienna 2011 for the Austrian Mobile Power Association.
  • 2011: Completion of the "Solarworlds Concept" for the Danish VKR/VELUX fund.
  • 2011: Completion of the solar power plant "Sonnenpark" - see some Pictures, a Video and the related paper.
  • 2010: Start of the planning for the solar powerplant and themed environment "Sonnenpark" as part of the "Sonnenstadt St. Veit" plan. Our responsibility: Space use, master plan design and all creative issues.
  • 2010: Creative support and production of parts of the Bertelsmann Management Meeting as part of the 175 year anniversary of the Bertelsmann AG - some selected pictures.
  • 2007: Project management planning and building the extension of Crystal Worlds for Swarovski. Reopening on the 30th of November successfully resulted in a substantial increase of visitors and sales of the already most visited Tyrolean attraction.
  • 2006: Project Poetry-Automat following an idea of Hans Magnus Enzensberger: 850.000 generated and distributed poems in just 8 weeks of operation and repeated features on prime time German TV.
  • 2005-2006: Planning, construction and tour management for the Football Globe Germany - 2006 FIFA World Cup™: 620.000 visitors, 1.8 million website hits, 12.100 recorded dances (video-clips) in 89 exhibition days in Japan, France, Italy and Switzerland.
  • 2003-2006: Fussball Globus - FIFA WM 2006™: Over 1.000.000 visitors during the 12 World Cup Host Cities visit in 3 years and 5.000 km of travel.
  • 2000: Project management for the successful final presentation for the bidding Germany's for the 2006 FIFA Worldcup.


Christian Bauer
Christian Bauer in Christian Bauer's Website
Tuesday 15 of November, 2005

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